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If you have a cavity, rest assured that Dr. Levitin, a Lakewood, Colorado dentist can fill it and have your mouth back to its optimal condition in no time. While a cavity filling may sound like a daunting procedure, it’s actually relatively simple and straightforward. It’s also one of the most common procedures Dr. Levitin performs. Here’s what you can expect if you visit our office to get your cavity filled:

First, Dr. Levitin will apply a numbing substance to the affected tooth and its surrounding gums. He will also inject an anesthetic into the gum around the tooth. If you have a history of dental anxiety, he may give you nitrous oxide or laughing gas to help you relax.

Then, Dr. Levitin will use a drill to remove all of the decay from your tooth. Although this may sound scary, know that you won’t be able to feel a thing thanks to the numbing products applied at the start of the procedure. Once the decay has been completely removed, Dr. Levitin will thoroughly clean the area.

Lastly, Dr. Levitin will fill the open space in the tooth that he created with a material such as composite resin. This will help bacteria from entering the space and reduce your risk of further decay. The cavity filling procedure will end when Dr. Levitin will shape and polish your teeth and make sure that it doesn’t affect your bite. Most cavity filling procedures take less than an hour to complete.

Our Garner, NC family dental friends at Moore Family Dentistry has reported to us that their #1 question when being contacted by phone is “can I get a cavity filled today?” Remember, you may not even have a cavity so before you assume the worst, we would suggest setting up an appointment.

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