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Mile High Smile’s CO2 laser provides an assortment of dental treatments that can be done quickly and painlessly.

Dr. Levitin uses the specialized CO2 laser to provide an assortment of dental treatments quickly and painlessly here at Mile High Smiles in Lakewood, CO. Laser dentistry ensures that high quality treatment is done without damaging healthy underlying or surrounding tissues.


There are numerous uses for lasers in dentistry.

In cases of periodontal disease, when it is diagnosed early, this type of non-surgical treatment may be the only therapy necessary to treat the problem. Laser-assisted periodontal therapy involves removing plaque and calculus from the root area of the affected tooth and decontaminates the gum tissue. The goal of this treatment is to reduce the depth of the pockets surrounding affected teeth, in addition to controlling bacteria and inflammation associated with periodontal disease. Laser-assisted periodontal therapy is typically performed in a sequence of appointments for ultimate effectiveness.

Cold Sores (on the lips and around the mouth) and canker sores (inside the mouth) can be conclusively treated with CO2 laser therapy at our Lakewood dental office in one quick, easy visit. Patient testimonials boast absolute healing of internal and external sores in as little as 4 days.

Dr. Levitin also performs cosmetic gum contouring with a Lutronic laser, right here in Belmar. The laser safely and effectively etches the desired cosmetic look in a single appointment.

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  • Laser dentistry tends to have less discomfort, swelling, scarring, and bleeding.
  • Lasers decontaminate bacteria as well as reduce the risk of relapse and infection
  • Lasers can shrink nerve endings
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Laser dentistry is safe for patients diagnosed with bleeding disorders
  • Immediate aesthetic results

“Thank you so much for helping us out. We can’t thank you enough! My teeth look great thanks to you. You are the best!” – Genelle & Jeanne


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