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If you have been considering Botox in the Lakewood or general Denver, Colorado area, reach out to Mile High Smiles today.

In 2024, we will continue to expand our services as it related to Botox. If you have been considering Botox in the Lakewood or general Denver, Colorado area, reach out to Mile High Smiles today.

Botox is an FDA-approved, purified protein. When injected into target muscles here in our safe, friendly Lakewood, CO office, Botox temporarily blocks nerve signals that cause muscle movements. This relaxes the muscle and reduces or eliminates facial pain, fine lines, and wrinkles to provide a healthier, younger look.

At Mile High Smiles, Botox injections take only a few minutes and remain effective for as long as three months. They can even be used to treat pain, as it can soothe muscle-related pain for as long as three months after the initial treatment. With a series of treatments, Botox can retrain your muscles to relax and you will notice your symptoms resolve for longer periods of time.

Botox injections can also improve your facial esthetics. Within 3-5 days, the treated facial muscles become relaxed, causing the overlying skin to lay flat and unwrinkled. Untreated facial muscles continue to contract in a normal fashion, however, to allow facial expressions to be unaffected.

Dental Professionals are highly trained in the entire anatomy of the head and neck as well as the oral cavity. Dr. Levitin can therefore administer Botox treatments with exceptional accuracy and precision right here at Mile High Smiles in Lakewood, CO. To add to the convenience, these treatments can be scheduled to coincide with your routine dental hygiene appointments.

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The Facts

  • Botox treatment typically takes just a few minutes depending on the number of injections needed.
  • Patients will begin to see results from their treatment within 3-5 days.
  • The effects of treatments last for approximately 3 months.
  • Patients with TMJ may lose the clenching/grinding habit after 2-3 treatments.
  • The use of Botox is very safe. However, as with any medical procedure, there are possible risks and side effects to be aware of.

“We changed dentists over and over before coming to Mile High Smiles and we’re here to stay. We’ve been patients of Mile High Smiles for about six years and each time we come in the appointment is excellent and the team is friendly and helpful with all of our needs.” – Viola and Louis Lopez


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