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We are a Family Practice for a reason — we love being a kids dentist. We also believe good dental care begins at an early age and continues for a lifetime.

Like the American Dental Association recommends, we encourage children first be seen around 3 years of age. Bringing your child at this age with you to one of your routine hygiene appointments is a great way to introduce them to our team. They can watch your appointment and then have their own turn by taking a ride in the chair and having their teeth counted.

Of course, when they are finished they must make a trip to the Treasure Chest for being a big helper. Because we do not force any treatment on children, we are seen through their eyes as a different type of doctor and we have created a great patient for life.

The dental needs of children and adolescents are also different than adults. We focus extensively on their growth and development in determining the proper timing if necessary for an orthodontic consult or evaluation of their wisdom teeth. We offer preventive and conservative treatment options such as sealants and fluoride treatments.

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