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Both dental crowns and bridges replace missing or damaged teeth. They are considered permanent or “fixed” because they are cemented into place and can last a lifetime.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A crown is essentially a cap that can be placed over either a damaged tooth or a dental implant. Typically made from porcelain or ceramic, crowns are made to look and behave just like natural teeth. Because of their strength and durability, crowns can last for years or even decades without any special treatment beyond simple brushing and flossing.

A bridge is similar to a crown but it covers more than one missing tooth. The teeth on both ends of the bridge are used to anchor it into position.

Why Get A Crown Or Bridge?

Health – Missing or damaged teeth can lead to damage to the jaw and surrounding teeth. Replacing them with crowns or bridges can restore your natural bite and protect your oral health.

Cosmetic – Because crowns and bridges look just like natural teeth, you can feel confident in your smile again.

What Is The Process?

  1. After applying local anesthetic, the anchor tooth or teeth are reshaped to serve as abutments for the crown or bridge.
  2. The dentist takes an impression of the space to be filled and develops a mold, then covers the anchor(s) with a temporary crown or bridge.
  3. A dental lab uses the mold to build the crown or bridge.
  4. The temporary crown/bridge is removed and the final one is set into place, then tested for a perfect fit.

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