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Dr. Levitin of Mile High Smiles sees patients from the Lakewood, Colorado area on a daily basis. Many of them take great care of their teeth and have therefore, never experienced a cavity, which is a tiny hole on the outer layer of a tooth known as enamel. These patients often want to know what it feels like to have a cavity. Here’s what Dr. Levitin tells them:

The telltale sign of a cavity is tooth sensitivity. If you have a cavity, you may face a mild pain in one tooth or an area of your teeth every time you eat foods that are particularly hot, cold, and sugary. You likely have a cavity if you brush your teeth with special toothpaste made for sensitive teeth and the sensitivity continues to persist.

Since cavities are the result of bacteria lingering around in the mouth, bad breath is another common sign of a cavity. If you have bad breath that does not go away with regular brushing and flossing, chances are high that you have a cavity that has been left untreated for quite some time and your tooth is starting to decay.

You may be surprised to learn that cavities can also cause cracked teeth. If you don’t remember eating a hard food that may have caused the crack and did not get into any type of accident, your cracked tooth may be caused by a cavity that weakened your tooth enamel and made it more prone to cracks. Leesville Road Dentist, Wells Family Dental, gets asked about cavities on a daily basis. Hopefully this literature is helpful.

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