What Culprits Cause Tooth Discoloration?

Everybody wants a bright white smile these days, and why not? White teeth are a sign of good health – they indicate that we take care of ourselves and have good hygiene. Discolored teeth can indicate the opposite, and nobody wants that.

Most of us start with beautiful white teeth but over time, they start to discolor, but what causes that discoloration in teeth?

Though genetics and poor dental hygiene play a role, most tooth discoloration happens because we eat or drink too much of the wrong things.

Drinks like coffee, tea, wine and cola will all discolor your teeth if you have enough of them. Tobacco, whether you smoke it or chew it, can have the same effect.

These discoloration culprits all have a couple of things in common. They’re typically dark, and some – like wine and tea – will stain other things (like your carpet) too.

You may not know that the enamel on the outer layer of your teeth often has microscopic pits. The pigments in the drinks that cause tooth discoloration get stuck in the microscopic pits. If your teeth aren’t effectively cleaned after you drink something that stains them, they will turn yellow or brown and darken over time.

If you’ve already let your teeth discolor a bit, don’t worry!

A number of teeth whitening solutions are available to solve that problem. Little bits of dark pigment stuck in your teeth are the problem that fuel discoloration, so you can simply bleach them to whiten them again.

Be careful with at-home teeth whitening kits, though. The chemicals they contain are highly potent and can damage your teeth if the instructions aren’t followed. If you would like more information on in-home teeth whitening kits, contact our office.

The best way to get your teeth whitened is usually to do so in a comfortable atmosphere at the hands of a professional dentist. Many patients see remarkable results after a single visit to the dentist for tooth whitening!

If your teeth aren’t discolored yet, you can take steps to ensure you never need teeth whitening in the future. While giving up popular drinks like coffee and cola may not be easy, it is the best way to keep your teeth white. If you do have them, clean your teeth soon after. This is a good idea in general whenever you eat or drink anything. However, be careful not to damage your gums from brushing too often!

We offer teeth whitening in our dentist office in Belmar, CO. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like more information.

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