3 Oral Sedation Benefits That May Surprise You

Oral sedation dentistry leverages medication to help patients enjoy confidence and peace of mind when undergoing what might otherwise be a stressful or unpleasant dental procedure.

Too many people feel that they would rather endure a toothache than go to the dentist’s office. Dental anxiety is a real challenge that can keep folks from achieving the healthy, bright smile they have always wanted. Even if you are not afraid, there are logistical barriers to consider. Busy professionals and overwhelmed students often put off visiting the dentist’s office until disaster strikes.

Fortunately, modern dental care is overwhelmingly a comfortable and safe experience, thanks in large part to advances in technology, biology, and pharmacology. Here are some of the reasons you should ask your dentist about their oral sedation options.

Overcome Fear

The intensity of your sedation will be matched with your need. Are you terrified of the dentist? Perhaps you had a bad experience as a child, or maybe you underwent an especially difficult procedure with your most recent dental care provider. For those patients who find they are panicking before they even get in the chair, rest assured that sedation calms your nerves and helps the visit pass in no time at all. Minimal sedation will leave you awake, yet relaxed. Moderate sedation is a little more intense, and you may barely remember the procedure at all. Deep sedation leaves you on the edge of consciousness, and is often reserved for patients struggling with the most severe dental anxiety.

Reduce Involuntary Physical Responses

There are benefits to sedation dentistry that extend beyond fear. Patients who truly do struggle due to their sensitive teeth will no longer need to dread showing up to their appointments. Similarly, patients who simply have a low pain threshold can feel confident knowing that they will not feel a thing. Oral sedation also settles down restless patients (like fidgety children), who find it difficult to remain still for extended periods of time. Finally, small discomforts – like an especially sensitive gag reflex – are no longer cause for embarrassment. When you are sedated, you can just lie down and let your dentist get to work.

Complete More Work In One Sitting

Many busy patients struggle to carve out sufficient time for multiple visits, but, if you are already going to be sedated, your dentist can offer to complete a much larger volume of work. In fact, a huge benefit of undergoing oral sedation is that it creates an opportunity for your dentist to simply get more done. Without sedation, patients may become restless or eventually hit their pain threshold once certain anesthesia options begin to wear off. When you are sedated, you dentist is able to accomplish as much dental work as possible in a safe and efficient manner.


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