Denver, Colorado Emergency Dentist

If you have a dental emergency, contact Mile High Smiles today at 303-232-1830.

While most Denver dentists offer emergency dentistry, Mile High Smiles encourages patients to take a preventative approach to their dental health. This way, they can avoid the high dental expenses that arise when their teeth, mouth, and/or gums are in need of an emergency treatment. Believe it or not, a complete dental reconstruction can cost you $63,000!

By visiting our office every six months, you can receive cleanings and exams that will prevent you from the stress and high costs that usually come with emergency dental visits. We take great pride in detecting dental issues at their early stages so that you never have to visit about a problem that has progressed to its advanced stages.

For example, you may believe your teeth, gums, and mouth are in tip-top shape because you don’t feel any pain. However, dental issues such as cavities do not cause pain until they have progressed. When your cavity does leave you with pain, a root canal and crown rather than a quick and affordable filling may be necessary. With regular visits to our office, you be informed of any cavities you may have years before you develop any symptoms.

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What are you waiting for? If you’re ready to be proactive about your dental health and reduce your risk of ever having a dental emergency, you should call 303-232-1830 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.